Tianjin Sheng Deding letter Machinery Co., Ltd. 


Tianjin Sheng Deding letter Machinery Co., Ltd. is the industry's first professional CNC steel processing equipment parts and used equipment sales and service business. At competitive prices, and strive to reach our customers and our win. The company mainly produces accessories Schnell, Schlatter, MEP, EVG, PEDAX, built by mechanical, Luoyang Hund, Jiaxing Yu people, Langfang Cabo, Shandong chain accessories. And according to customer requirements for the design of a variety of mechanical products, the common vulnerability with adequate inventory. Our goal is to "DEXIN" brand construction machinery parts for customers to build trust accessories brand. China's development is inseparable from the world, the development of Sheng Deding letter inseparable whole construction machinery parts industry, but also inseparable from the support and trust of users!

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